Hello everyone. 🙂

I hope you’re having a fine day wherever or whenever you are.

I’m a college student living in Ohio. I wish I could say that my blog was an organized place with a strong, handsome vision and faint-worthy inspiration. It’s…well… The Wandering Elephant is more like the bumbling uncle than the handsome prince. It’s largely wandering around, not really knowing what it’s doing until one day–that silly ol’ uncle accidentally says something coherent.

That’s a pretty good reflection of me. I love The Big Guy. I started a relationship with Christ in Africa and He has been continually worth living for. I have a touch of depression, but there are so many beautiful things in the world. I’m learning to deal with that. Praying against it.

Seeing other parts of the world has awakened a travel bug. My major is Teaching English as a Second Language. My hope is to set foot on each continent (Yes, even Penguin Land).

You’re more than welcome to stay, sip a cup of coffee and read my most intimate thoughts. Don’t hesitate to reach out, voice your opinion, or give me advice where you see fit. I’m often in need of it. This is a free space. 🙂

With all the love,


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