Hello all!

In another series of rambling stories; I have a new destination. I reunited with my birth dad after three long years last week. He’s such a fun person. It’s easy to have a nice time with him. So, if you’d like to read about palm trees and Pokemon, this may be your time. 🌴



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Words Words Words Words.

I speak with cautious words that masquerade as insincerity or wisdom.

I hold my breath for the response.

If I continue to due so, my face may turn blue.

Why, in all of my confidence, should I mind what other’s think?

“You shouldn’t care!”

I’ve never swallowed it as truth.

Of course I should care what others think.

The day I stop hearing the words of others, good or bad, that is the end of learning. The end of betterment. The beginning of narcissism.

Why can’t I love myself while hearing both good and bad?

I absolutely can.

But I also see

The Line.