Stepping Out in Prophesy

As service ends, I feel alive.

Wisdom pouring into empty souls that never get enough.


The band plays and the building comes alive.

The room fills.

It fills and fills and fills.

He is here.

page break

Somehow, I find myself in front.

I kneel down next to a faceless girl and side by side we share in totally different encounters.

I pray. I speak to a God so present and near that I begin to cry as I feel the weight of the Spirit. That palpable weight of love.

Someone lays a hand on my back. The tears flow with no regard to invitation. I reach out and hold the faceless girl’s hand as we are prayed over. As we ourselves talk to a King. I look up. I recognize the girl who’s hand I hold. She prophesied over my life months ago. It came true. She doesn’t open her eyes.

As things calm and Someones veer off to pray for others– an incredible conversation begins.

In the midst of hunger we speak of gifts. She offers to help me step out in mine. I don’t know… I am scared. I don’t know what I’m doing or how to start. How do I step?

It’s a funny question.

Not How


page break

(Disclaimer: God shows up creatively in different ways.)


“Close your eyes. Ask, ‘God, do you have anything to show M?'”

Okay. God-

I wait. Nothing. “Nothing’s happening. I-I’m sorry. I’m not very good at this…Not that it’s me... I don’t know what I’m doing.” I let out a nervous laugh.

“Wait.” She says. “Be patient. We’ll wait as long as it takes.”

I smile and close my eyes again. I wait.


A never-ending field of metallic flowers. Variations of pink and rust colors. It moves like a wave in the wind.

I open my eyes, shocked. I tell her what I see.

“Good! Ask if there’s anything else.”

I’m excited this time. Less nervous. I wait. This time it’s…hard to describe. It’s this spinning tunnel of… wire? That’s the closest I can call it. It’s what I imagine looking into a tornado would look like. I can’t see the end and then…I can. It opens up and I can see the end.

I open my eyes and stare at her wondering face. I tell her what I see. I am dumbfounded. This is so crazy. “I have no idea what they mean though.”

“Can you ask, please?”

Okay. God, can you put the two together please? What does it mean? 

Out of the dark I see a wire gracefully curve a few times into a circular shape. A metal flower from the field floats over to rest atop. And it’s…it’s a ring. Something deep inside me knows that it’s a wedding ring.

I open my eyes one last time. I stare at her, afraid to say anything. For the briefest second, I want to take it all back. What if I’m wrong? What if this is all me? What if I made it up somehow? That’s such a big hope to instill in someone…

No. I know this isn’t me. I’ve never seen pictures so clearly– like moving breathing images, inside my head before.

I look at her left hand. She looks at me, patiently waiting. I don’t want to say it. Are you sure?

I blow out a puff of air. “Are..M…are you married?”

Her eyebrows shoot up. She smiles. “No… but it’s funny that you say that. God’s been mentioning that to me quite a bit lately…” Her eyes sparkle, “Good job! Make sure to say, ‘Thank you.'”


We chat excitedly. For some reason, I thought I would hear something audible. She said that she sees things in pictures too. She likes it that way.  I do too.

I drew a picture of the ring for her to save.

The End.


…Almost. After I drove home, I parked in our driveway and turned the car off. I stayed inside and stared up at the stars in wonder and awe of Him. God, do you have anything for me? That was so cool! 

He showed me one final picture: a little plant blooming.


This is in response to the Daily Prompt – Here.


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