Pink Seagulls

Where I don’t have megapixels, I have words (thankfully or unfortunately for you guys.. 🙂 ).


I think there’s magic here on this island.

The urge to reach up and touch the Spanish Moss is uncontrollable. It hangs down from these Oaks like a waiting handshake.

Today was all sun and wind on The Foot (Hilton Head Island). All the bundled elders and I took to the beach. Bikes, dogs, walking, and a metal detector. No sunbathing, surprisingly.

Speaking of, and I’m sure it’s the time of year, but I haven’t seen people really pause on the beach. Save one occasion, where a family made a sand dragon with flowers for eyes.  Everyone is always moving. The only exception is when their dogs find something noteworthy. 🙂 (I saw one roll around on a fish the other day. That was exciting.)


On my way out of the resort, I passed by four kids around my age in the jacuzzi. They stared at me. I stared at them. It was like we were both zoo animals. I think I’ve forgotten how to interact with my own kind. I’m with the elderly pack now.

The tide was so far out, I sat at the edge where the sea usually starts. The waves sat three or four Christies ahead of me.


This is a technical measurement.

Anyways, it was a nice quiet day with God.

When the sun was setting, dad and I looked out at the colorful sky. The seagulls peppered the sand and watched the show. They looked pink in the sunlight.


Sea floor bits


Pink Seagulls



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