Stars and Sea Turtles

I can’t sleep.

It’s my own fault really for napping too seriously.

We’ve moved over to stay in my Grandparents condo room/resort room/ wherever this place is. I haven’t slept in the same room as my parents for such a long time. You forget things… like the snoring. They sing sweet songs to each other in the night, about competing to see who’s loudest, I think. I can’t understand them, so I figured I’d come out here and tell you stories.

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Biking the Foot

I’m attempting to bike the circumference of the island today. I’ll be taking lots of pictures! (P.S. Sorry for yesterday’s sadness.)

If any of you are on Hilton Head Island (and see a girl with a crocheted bow headband–puffing around out of breath), please say “hello”!



What is it to be real? (Trash ramblings)

I’ll level with you. You out there that read my small thoughts.

I’m not sure what it is to be real anymore. I stare at my hands and they’re real. They’re thick and solid and I know the work that I can do with these tiny meat gloves.

(Ironically, my back makes popcorn sounds as I stretch–just now. A reminder of a time I pushed my body too far in Disney.)

But I..

feel like I’ve disappeared somehow. Into someplace I can’t quite name. I waver between indecision, not quite able to move. I try to regain who I was a year ago, but that person is lost, I think. Changing. Learning. I can’t go back. I don’t think I’d want to.

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At bingo:

I sit down in-between Grandma and another elderly woman. Grandma attempts to introduce us.

Grandma: “Susan, this is my grand-daughter Holly.” She motions back to the woman and stares at me. “Susan.” She repeats for good measure.

Susan: “Susanne.” The woman corrects.

I turn and smile at her.

Me: “Christie. It’s nice to meet you.”

Susanne: “Susanne.” She smiles.

Grandma turns to introduce my parents next.

Grandma: “Susan-”

Susanne: “Susanne.” The woman huffs.

Another couple sits down at our table. The woman is already prepared. She sits at the edge of her seat and glances sideways at Grandma. I’m trying to contain my laughter.

Grandma: “Hello again!” They know everyone on the Island, I’m convinced. “This is my son David and our daughter-in-law Holly. My grand-daughter Christie. And this here is our friend-”

Susanne is trying to set my grandma on fire with her eyes. I lean over and try not to laugh as I whisper, “ I think her name might be Susanne, Grandma.”

She knows what her name is!” She shoots back.

This might turn out to be a marvelous vacation after all.

Game Room

Hello new followers. It’s a pleasure. 🙂 If you’ve started following me recently, you may not be aware of my terribly long rambling stories. I apologize in advance. They selfishly demand to be written and once in a while I do not have the will to say “no”. It seems a shame anyway not to remember these happy bits later. 🙂

There’s this really nice game room downstairs. It has a HUGE TV, board games, and a Wii (WE do not have Wii. <hehe. Just let it happen.). The last time I was here, I kept checking back to see if it was empty. It never was. I’m pretty sure a family slept in there.

I ended up reading for hours in the lobby. I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited. The next day, my Disney adventure would begin. I would be a Cast Member soon. I’d wanted to be one since high school. I didn’t know where I was staying, or working, or what my roommates would be like….. but never mind that. I’m distracting myself. Tonight.

I finally snuck into the game room.

And it was glorious.

I heard angels singing “Hallelujah” in the distance as I opened the door. I spied Mario Kart on the shelf and almost cried. My brother doesn’t like to come on family adventures… so it was just me, myself and I. I ran around and finally looked in all the cabinets.

It was lonely for a bit..even with the Wii. However, just as I started thinking that, a surprise walked in. A very well dressed couple. I guess their wedding had ended early and the gentleman hadn’t played Mario Kart since it first came out…

It was a bloodbath. 8) But a nice one. The poor dear girl didn’t make it past the start line. She kept driving into the ocean and gave up after five swims or so. The man in the suit put up a bit more of a challenge, and yet, he was still eleventh place. (There was no way he’d be last anyhow with his girlfriend giving it one last go and taking another dive into the ocean…). They were such nice company. Even if it was a little strange. Times like that bring back a small hope for humanity. And community. I’m not sure I would’ve had the courage to join in with a stranger like that… Hm. Strange night. Goodnight. 🙂